Kahoot-style game for number and algebra

Now you can create and play Kahoot-style games targeted at number and algebra in minutes. It’s fun, free and easy!

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Teachers use Manic Math to…

Introduce new topics

  • Identify prior knowledge gaps before you start teaching
  • Help students discover a new concept for themselves
  • Give students an interactive overview of what they’re about to learn

Review content

  • Identify topics that need follow up
  • Help students practice for their tests

Reinforce knowledge

Make sure they never forget what they’ve just learned!

  • Recap topics straight after they’ve been covered
  • Repeat quizzes later on to improve retention

Break the ice and reward

  • Play a quiz to kick off a class
  • Wrap class up with 5 minutes of fun

Gather data for formative assessment

  • Use game reports to track student performance
  • Get instructional data for formative assessment

Reimagine homework

Assign solo levels that students can play from anywhere, anytime on their own devices.

Motivate teamwork

Boost collaboration, teamwork and communication by playing quizzes with shared devices.

How does Manic Math work?

You can get the full value of Manic Math with 4 easy steps.

1: Select

Select one of the class topics and watch Manic Math create a quiz for you! We currently cover introductory arithmetic, orders of operations and fractions with new content being added regularly.

2: Host

Start the quiz and put your screen up on the projector. Students will be able to join quickly and easily. This encourages students to look up, keeps them on the edge of their seats and promotes discussion.

3: Play

Enjoy the transformation of your classroom into a gameshow with students discussing and playing! Games never exceed 5 minutes and you can easily play another game if you have more time.

4: Practice

Students can engage with the exact same topic on their own. In SOLO mode, they'll be able to work through the same content in a structured, self-paced approach. Students are also rewarded with stickers that they can show off in CLASS mode when you play next! (These stickers are highly coveted amongst all ages.)

Boosting student confidence

In 2018, we teamed up with the innovative maths department at St Luke’s Anglican School in Bundaberg Queensland to test the first version of Manic Math with their students in grades 9, 10 and 11.

Students used Manic Math over a term working through the SOLO mode content at their own pace. The result was 50% students self-reporting an improvement in their confidence as a result of using Manic Math.

Created with ❤ by Math Mate

At Math Mate, we believe that strong foundations in number and algebra are necessary to set students up for success in middle school, high school and real life. That’s why we’re committed to making Manic Math a free, effective and engaging resource that supports students’ learning and teachers’ teaching.

Lachy Fitzpatrick


A high school and university maths tutor for over 8 years and now a mechatronic engineer, Lachy has loved maths for many years and believes strongly in the power of maths to promote rational, critical thinking. A pattern that he has experienced first hand as a tutor, is the struggle many students have with developing the number and algebra foundations that they need to be able to access advanced maths.

Yuji Takahashi


Yuji believes that equipping high school students with a strong foundation in maths will help give them the problem solving and logical thinking skills they need to take on their goals in life. As a mechatronic engineer and maths tutor for high school and university students, Yuji enjoys helping others build up their understanding of and fascination for maths.